We provide digital solutions to unify sales and business processes

Since 2012 we have provided over 100 manufacturers, distributors and wholesalers with a comprehensive solution to increase sales figures, reduce inefficient processes and speed up operations.

Combining B2B e-commerce, sales order process automation, dataflow automation, and shipping management – in an integrated, bespoke solution, our customers rely on our team to plan, execute & streamline their B2B sales.

Our unique process

  • Evaluation: We first check whether we already have a digital solution for your problem
  • Consideration: If we don't already have the answer, we consider a bespoke solution.
  • Implementation: We create it for you.
  • Support: we believe a product is only as great as the service you receive throughout its lifespan; that’s why we are with you at all times, for as long as you require us.

We believe there are no restrictions to what can be digitally created. Our solutions don’t simply solve problems, our solutions change possibilities into realities.

Leadership Team

Shemal Rajapakse

Co-Founder & CEO

Sidath Jayasiri

Co-Founder & CTO

Ben Davies

Head of Integrations & Support


What makes Stack technologies a good technology partner is their flexibility and readiness to listen and act. If you need a system built for your business and not one built for just any business you are in the right place.

Jeff Crewe
Managing Director

Sell the Car Ltd

On top of the perfect ecommerce solution they delivered, we get top notch support and service from the team at Stack Technologies. I would definitely recommend them to anyone looking for an integrated online solution.

Mohsin Sajjad
IT Manager

Trophy Distributors

It is refreshing to speak to people who are willing to help. We are totally singing your praises!! Thank you so much!!!

Charlotte Taylor
Operations Director

White House Products Ltd