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17 February 2022

qbicle Case Study – Sasa Marketing


Our virtual experiences platform, qbicle, helps organisations create virtual exhibition booths, showrooms, art and museum galleries, arts and crafts exhibitions, interactive visitor maps – in fact, anything that can be imagined!
Sasa Marketing approached us to help design an online and interactive solution to showcase to their clients, how to use different social media channels. This was going to be a fun and imaginative way for qbicle to help a business reach and inform using a fresh marketing method.

The premise

Sasa Marketing had previously worked with Stack Technologies, so was well aware of how effective qbicle’s different and eye-catching digital solution can be to reach and engage with people. Sasa Mark
eting’s founder, Catherine Bowyer, contacted us with her idea, and we were more tCatherine Bowyerhan happy to help!
Catherine said, “Knowing which social platform to reach an ideal target audience is crucial for all businesses looking to effectively market themselves using social media. However, many use the wrong platform. We wanted to educate clients in the importance of using the right platform and not waste time or resources through inaccurate marketing.”
Christmas was fast approaching, and Catherine had an idea of using qbicle to demonstrate the different social media platforms that her clients and prospective clients need to know, using Christmas Jumper Day as her theme and launch day of Sasa’s new marketing campaign.

The problem

Catherine added, “I’m aware I need to appeal to my target audience; with Christmas round the corner, I wanted my social media campaign to be informative but fun. We’re not interested in simply repeating tired information already available, we wanted to take advantage of people’s short attention span and increase customer interaction.”
As an SME, Sasa Marketing does not have access to a large marketing budget that some of their clients have available with their marketing campaigns. Therefore, any drive created, needed to be imaginative and affordable to an SME’s budget.

The Solution

Having previously worked with us, Catherine had already seen some of our virtual spaces. From a marketeer’s perspective, she really liked how qbicle allows such easy virtual interaction.
As Shemal Rajapakse from qbicle explains, “We bridge the gap between the physical world and digital spaces, in other words, qbicle’s tech allows companies to create a virtual world that feels like it’s real. This means organisations can build fun and interesting experiences to engage with their audiences, and as everything is virtual, there are no time or geographical barriers. Potential clients can access the rooms on their terms, without being limited by time or space!”
One of qbicle’s many brilliant features is how easy it is for companies to build and embed their creative space onto a website, looking as though it was part of the original design.
Catherine goes on to say, “As a marketing professional with 25 years of experience, it’s important that how I inform and engage with potential new clients on my website, demonstrates my knowledge and skillset. 
Creating new and innovative methods to convey information is always at the forefront of any marketeer’s mind. 
qbicle was a no-brainer – a simple, dynamic and affordable solution to interact with my current and potential new clients. Stack Technologies also held my hand throughout the entire project, from idea to completion. Although I didn’t need their help to embed the virtual guide onto my site — as it was so easy — they would have done so, if needed. 
I now recommend qbicle to my clients who want a fab new marketing technique!”

The Result


Sasa Marketing used qbicle to create an imaginative and fun guide which effectively explains how to use different social media platforms. The guide has virtual links taking guests to the website, YouTube channel, Facebook page amongst others, and provides all the demographic information such as age group users, times of usage and types of users eg. crafters, businesses, gamers etc.
Catherine has let us know how much her clients have enjoyed using her interactive virtual guide. In fact, impressed by the ways in which qbicle can be employed and how affordable it is, many of her clients have started to use qbicle themselves. In one instance as a virtual showroom and in another, as a virtual art exhibition for their clients to walk around and learn about the art they view.

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