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10 May 2024

Revolutionise Exports with Shipn and DHL's BBX Shipping

Is there a way to streamline your export processes? Discover the combined power of Shipn and DHL's BreakBulk Express (BBX) Shipping, specifically tailored to optimise shipments for export businesses like yours.

What is DHL Express Breakbulk

DHL Express Breakbulk is a dynamic business solution that allows for multiple shipments to different recipients to be cleared with a single customs entry. After clearing import customs, DHL ensures that goods are delivered as individual shipments to overseas users and retailers. Expect speedy delivery from manufacturing plants and parts centres to your clients in just 3-4 days.*

*Delivery times may vary based on shipment contents and pickup/delivery areas.

How DHL Express Breakbulk Works

  1. Consolidation at Origin: Multiple individual shipments are combined.
  2. Simplified Documentation: A single shipping label and customs invoice are created for the consolidated shipment.
  3. Efficient Transport: The shipment is transported to the destination country using DHL Express Time Definite Worldwide service.
  4. Customs Clearance: The consolidated shipment undergoes a single customs entry.
  5. Final Delivery: Post-customs, the shipment is separated into individual orders at a DHL facility and delivered directly to recipients.

DHL Express Breakbulk with Shipn

Discover the strategic advantages of booking BBX Shipments with Shipn, a game-changer for businesses shipping high volumes to single export destinations. in partnership with DHL, Shipn is proud to offer this efficient solution, designed to consolidate multiple orders into a single shipment, significantly reducing customs fees and streamlining your shipping processes.

Advantages of DHL Express Breakbulk with Shipn

  1. Seamless Integration: integrates effortlessly with your existing ERP, CRM, and accounting systems, making the transition smooth and hassle-free. Automate your data flow from orders to delivery, ensuring accuracy and consistency across your operations.
  2. Cost Efficiency: Reduce expenses on storage and customs charges by consolidating your shipments into one manageable unit. This not only lowers overheads but also simplifies the customs process.
  3. Simplified Logistics: allows you to send multiple products under a single air waybill. This consolidation means fewer documents to manage and a straightforward shipping process.
  4. Time Savings: Avoid the hassle of deconstructing your shipments into smaller batches. With BBX, your goods move directly from pickup to delivery without unnecessary handling, speeding up the entire shipping cycle. With Shipn, bid farewell to the hassles of manual order entry, address entry, and customer data entry as everything is automated for you.
  5. Enhanced Tracking and Security: Our robust platform ensures that you have real-time visibility of your shipments. This transparency helps in maintaining security and provides you with up-to-date information for better customer service.

Are you ready to transform your shipping operations and drive growth? Visit Shipn to explore how to leverage the benefits of DHL Express Breakbulk for more efficient and cost-effective solutions.

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