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TranSync gets a revamp

We are delighted to announce the launch of our new TranSync Direct Integration Module.

  • Around 5 times faster 
  • Outbound - Cuts out four of five steps used in the current system
  • Inbound - Cuts out six of seven steps used in the current system
  • The connection is direct and robust 
  • Runs within your database server so doesn't require a user to be logged on 
  • Doesn't require an application as it runs entirely within the Database system 
  • No lock-ups, no multiple instances
  • Doesn't require more memory as it operates within the SQL server's memory
  • By virtue of removing extra steps it is more robust
  • Error reporting is more detailed and within more steps and email enabled
  • Can still be entirely configured to your needs
  • Has a new application interface for adjusting settings 
  • Requires no web side code and is compatible with all versions of SQL web side