As a marketer, you know you want to deliver personalised experiences, but very few B2B brands, in our experience, actually do so

With Stack Technologies, it couldn’t be easier to put your customers' unique needs at the centre of everything you do (and do it pretty much out of the box)

Features and benefits

The Stack Technologies B2B commerce platform comes with a built-in EMS making it easy to tailor every experience based on current and past interactions with your brand, in real time, wherever the customer is.


The built-in Personas module allows you to create personas and assign each website visitor to one of them based on pre-defined criteria. It enables you to deliver the right content to the right person at the right time, boosting engagement and ROI.



The Segmentation module comes out-of-the-box, so Marketers can easily define customer segments through the user-friendly visual interface without the need for developers. Then they can immediately leverage the defined segments across all other built-in online marketing tools comes with the platform.


Lead Scoring

The Lead Scoring module allows you to set up your own lead scoring system combining demographics and behaviour. Each rule can be assigned points, and a threshold that defines how many points the lead needs to be identified as a hot lead. The points may expire after a specified period of time or you can assign negative points for actions such as when a lead unsubscribes from your newsletter.


Contact Management

The Contact management module gives you a 360-degree view of all your website visitors and customers as well as their behaviour across all channels and devices. You can deliver a personalised experience to each visitor, nurture customer segments, allocate customer personas, and identify your hottest leads.


A/B Testing

The built-in A/B and Multivariate (MVT) Testing modules allow you to use an iterative approach for delivering content to visitors by testing page variations and identifying and optimizing those that work. Unlike other similar systems, the fully integrated A/B Testing module requires no external applications and allow you to test, manage, analyse, and test again without any technical knowledge.


Marketing Automation

Marketing Automation is designed as a simple drag-and-drop interface so that even non-tech-savvy marketers can create automated campaigns and modify the flow of activities at any time. As visitors go through multiple stages during their customer life cycle, you can deliver the right content and initiate sales activities in a personalised way.


Content Personalisation

Thanks to Content Personalisation, you can get more leads and conversions by presenting each visitor with content that best matches their interests. It delivers the right content to the right person at the right time, based on individual browsing history. Factors including demographics, behaviour and customer context are analysed.


Banner Management

The built-in Banner Management module enables Marketers and administrators to easily create, manage and display dynamic content on your website in the form of static and rotating banners via an easy-to-use backend. Built-in Reporting module offers reports for each banner and gives you a better understanding of which banners or types of banners work best.


Email Marketing

Design your own widgets, and give your marketers powerful tools to create engaging email marketing campaigns. It comes with A/B testing, reporting, versioning and rollback, facility to import subscribers and campaign scheduling. In order to make sure your emails are not blocked by spam filters or various ISP anti-spam rules, you can use this with third-party email deliverability services, such as SendGrid and SendinBlue.


Integrated Campaign Management

With Integrated Campaign Management, Red Transact allows you to execute cross-channel digital marketing campaigns and gain intelligence on individual channels. Unlike various dedicated marketing automation tools, there is no need to integrate any third-party modules. You can develop campaign assets, launch campaigns, and analyse the results with minimal effort, all from one location.


GDPR and Data Protection

Latest Data Protection module is highly customisable to help you comply with even the strictest data protection regulations, such as GDPR and PII. It can handle right to access, data portability, and right to be forgotten, and even track the consents on your website.


Web Analytics

Web Analytics, as part of your online marketing strategy, gives you information about your visitors, their behaviour, and about the success of your website. It runs in the background collecting information such as, page views, campaigns, conversions, and other website metrics.

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