To achieve success for our clients we follow one simple rule. Listening first, suggest second. Following this simple rule, we have consistently developed strong results for our clients, in addition to lasting relationships.


Trophy Distributors

Trophy Distributors supply quality awards including component parts, shields, cups and glassware - encompassing the entire 'awardware' spectrum to a select customer base around the country.



Landscape Watering Systems

LWS specialise in the supply of quality irrigation products, with unparalleled sales and technical support.



New England Biolabs

New England Biolabs is now a recognized world leader in the discovery, development and commercialization of recombinant and native enzymes for genomic research.



Disaster Designs

Disaster are designers and manufacturers of exclusive collections developed in house and then sold through selected retailers in the UK and overseas.



Dibs Distribution

DIBS is one of the UK's leading independent processors and distributors of fresh poultry portions, frozen and dry food products and food packaging to QSR restaurants in England, Wales and Scotland.



Canterbury Cathedral Enterprises

Canterbury Cathedral Shop owned by Canterbury Cathedral, carries on a historic tradition selling replicas of “Pilgrims Tokens” in a large range of carefully selected gifts including recordings made by our world-famous choirs.



MJ Abbott

One of the UK’s leading specialist contractors for golf course construction, reconstruction and remodelling, sports facility construction, irrigation, water management, land drainage, water and wastewater engineering, landscaping, civil engineering and a number of other specialist services.



MA Ford

For more than 90 years, MA Ford has been at the cutting edge of tooling design and manufacture and has developed an enviable global reputation for performance and precision in advanced solid carbide tooling, serving over 60 countries worldwide.



Kings Seeds

Kings Seeds is a leading supplier of vegetable seeds, flower seeds, herbs seeds, Sweet Pea seeds and various Plug plants, from the traditional home of the British seed industry, in Kelvedon, who have been supplying commercial & retail growers since 1888.




UK's most successful and the principal distributor of two-way radio, accessories and network equipment.