Refine processes, scale, & reduce overheads

with our e-commerce and software solutions for manufacturers, wholesalers & distributors 

Unlock the power of planning, automation & e-commerce

with digital solutions built for your business needs that also provide a better customer experinece and cut down inefficient administrative tasks.



Integrated e-commerce solutions driven by your business rules, customer data, product data, product segregation,  stock information, discounts, and complex pricing set in your accountig, ERP, CRM systems.  

Sales Rep App

Integrated with your accounting, ERP & CRM systems, our Trade Sales Rep App is designed to help your field sales team to sell and serve their customers smarter when online or offline.

Production planning and scheduling

Transform all areas of your manufacturing planning from one cloud-based system. Features include plan boards, calendars, shifts, workstations, integrations, reports, analytics, items and routings, inventory management, make to order and make to stock options.

Time and action planning

Designed to execute bulk orders in the apparel industry efficiently, with our TNA application you can ensure a smooth flow of operations with each task and action marked with accountability and set timelines.


Automate data flow between your customer facing sales channels and internal business systems such as accounting, ERP, CRM, payroll, document management and warehouse management systems. We work with Access Dimensions, Factory Master, Exchequer,  Pegasus Opera, SAP Business One, Goldmine CRM, Sugar CRM, SalesForce & more. 

Virtual exhibition stands

Create your own immersive virtual exhibition stand to deliver a memorable experience to a global online audiance. You can use it in virtual exhibitions or run  it in parallel to your physical exhibition stand for people who can’t visit the exhibition in person.