Revolutionising the manufacturing industry through a customisable, cloud-based planning and scheduling solutions

This cloud-based Artificial Intelligent (AI) ready production and supply chain scheduling system that optimises product throughput and transparency, minimising your human input

System Background

Stack Schedular is a fully customizable production scheduling system that allows planners to either automatically or manually plan, simulate, edit and publish the production plans for the upcoming months in order to provide the most feasible and favourable final production plan.

Our scheduling system which can be either a web-based system or a desktop application provides all standard modules such as Calendars and shifts, workstations, Items and routings, Inventory Management, Production scheduling (plan boards) and more. It also includes domain-specific features for the Manufacturing, under both make to order and make to stock scenarios.


Stack Schedular focuses on three main models to enable in implementing the production planner:

Analytical Dashboard





Items & Routings

Organization & Admin

Sites Plants Workstations Users Roles Permissions Calendars Sub-Contractors


RM Inventory FG Inventory


Full Sync Order Sync


Delay Report Planned Vs Actual Report Infeasible production Report

Items & Routings

Items Operations Item Structure Upload


Demands Forecast Demand History Infeasible Quantities

Plan & simulate

Plan Board MRP Demands


Progress Shop floor view


User name / password edits


  • Unique and customisable system designed for the apparel industry
  • Customisable calendars: set work calendars for future periods for departments
  • Customisable shifts: change production floor shift hours for each department
  • Shop floor visibility: improve production floor visibility using real-time information
  • Resource allocation: adjust your HR allocation based on demands and operations
  • Manage tools and assets: add new additions and manage the production floor
  • The software can be migrated off cloud services to on premise

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