Technical Support Services for Agencies

Enhancing your web and app development services with our customised technical support

We are excited to announce our new service offering that's tailor-made for web development agencies like yours. The service is designed to provide top-tier technical support for the products and solutions you create.

We understand the precious nature of your developers' time. By delegating technical support tasks to our dedicated team, you can refocus your resources on the core aspects of solution development.

Types of projects we can support:

  • E-commerce websites
  • Integrated e-commerce websites
  • On-premise and desktop applications
  • System integrations
  • Mobile applications
  • Cloud applications

Technology stack:

  • Microsoft .NET/.NET Core
  • MSSQL/MySQL/PostgreSQL/Cloud DBs
  • HTML/CSS/JavaScript/React
  • React Native
  • Azure

Systems we have integrated with:

Access Dimensions

Access Factory Master


Pegasus Opera

Gold Vision CRM

Salesforce CRM


Sage 200

We've formulated two comprehensive support packages tailored to suit your needs:

Fixed Price Package

For a flat monthly rate, our team will provide diagnosis and resolution for an unlimited number of bugs in any given project. With this package, you never have to worry about fluctuating costs or unexpected invoices. You pay a standard fee, and we take care of the rest.

Along with the resolution services, we provide a detailed timesheet for full transparency. This timesheet contains a clear breakdown of time allocated for diagnosis, communication, bug fixing, and testing, providing you with insight into how we manage your project support.

Hour Bank Package

The Hour Bank Support Package offers a more flexible approach. Purchase support hours in advance at a predetermined hourly rate and utilise them across any project you bring to us. The minimum top-up for this package is 24 hours, which gets activated when your balance hits six hours or less.

Any remaining hours simply roll over to the next billing period, so you never lose the value you've paid for. Similar to our Fixed Price Package, the Hour Bank Package also includes a comprehensive timesheet that details how we spend our time providing support to your projects.

Partner with us and experience a seamless transition of responsibilities, allowing your developers to focus on what they do best - creating top-tier web and app solutions.