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10 March 2022

What does remote working mean to Stack?


The long-term business consequences of the last two years’ pandemic are yet to fully show. However, shifts in trends, employee perspectives and lifestyle changes are clear, and organisations need to be on top of these transformations if they wish to remain a relevant and forward-thinking employer.

The initial reaction

For some, remote work is the norm; many people in the IT or creative industries are used to working from home. We were already responding to client requests to improve remote access to accounting and ordering systems. Our Remote SOP (Sales Ordering Process), is evidence of this approach. It provides sales teams with unlimited flexibility by integrating the product knowledge of a company's website with the back end functionality of their accounting system (read more about Red Transact).

When the pandemic hit and lockdowns were introduced, those individuals already happily working from home offered great advice to homeworking newbies who were initially at a loss of how they were expected to work from a domestic environment.
However, as children started to return to school (and let’s face it, working from home whilst home schooling for many was an exhausting and testing experience) and more of us were slowly getting our heads around remote working, suddenly the experience was not as ghastly as we had first thought.
In fact, the thought of returning to a shared office, potentially hot-desking, using communal facilities such as the kitchen, toilets or even the water cooler has actually caused apprehension. For many, the concern of being surrounded once again by people set off alarm bells, resulting in spiralling anxiety and fears about catching Covid-19, with perhaps the worry not so much about their health, but a close family member.

Hybrid or remote working options

As the world is slowly coming to terms with new ways of existing and Covid-19 measures are reduced, at Stack Technologies, we consider offering hybrid or remote working options as the most beneficial ways to support our staff, keep health a top priority and future proof our organisation, should the reintroduction of Covid-19 restrictions return.

Tangible benefits from working remotely for our employees include:

  • Reduced commuting time and stress
  • Improved work-life balance
  • Reduced outgoings such as train tickets, fuel or parking
  • Location limitations are no longer a concern
  • Reduced carbon footprint
  • Greater flexibility for working parents
Companies who have successfully made hybrid work transitions have largely accomplished them through utilising cloud-based technology to improve remote working options.


Ready for whatever hits us next!

The reality of another lockdown, or restrictions returning is not improbable; those companies who survived the pandemic were able to swiftly adapt to the changing work and customer landscape – many of these were cloud-based.
Being cloud-based is essentially future-proofing your organisation and at Stack, we build digital solutions to solve problems.
As an example, qbicle — our innovative virtual space creator — was developed as a solution for organisations needing to showboat their products in an imaginative and interactive online experience during the lockdowns. This software is now being used regardless of lockdowns as the cloud-based technology is enabling organisations to interact with customers or clients 24-7, anywhere in the world!

The here and now

Although the past two years have been awful for people and businesses, some positive elements have emerged. Technology has made vast leaps in an incredibly short space of time; businesses have been empowered through knowing that, if they utilise the correct technology, they can not only survive a pandemic but in fact adapt and thrive, and employees now understand flexibility, in terms of hybrid or homebased work, is key to a happy work-life balance.
To remain credible, organisations need to prioritise their employees’ concerns and needs. People will no longer accept what a company deems is the right way to work; those seeking work are looking to see how companies respect flexibility and promote healthy work – life balances within their work culture.
Technology that unites, encourages teams and easily enables collaboration regardless of where team members are placed, is crucial to creating a supportive working environment that promotes an effective hybrid or working from home experience.
If you would like to discuss how we at Stack have achieved our employee happiness and discover the technology we use to enable our future proof plans, call +44 (0)1223 792 336 or email

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