Order taking app for field sales reps.

Empower your on-field sales reps with an order taking app that is always connected to your ERP/Accounts system.

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Introducing 'Ordr,' the cutting-edge sales order application designed exclusively for your field sales reps. Ordr ensures a seamless, connected ordering experience for your sales reps, whether they're online or offline.

We customise the app with your own branding, providing your sales reps with a tailored, branded experience that makes the app truly yours.

Key features

Planning and scheduling

Plan your sales route on the map and send calendar invites. Access real-time account notes from your ERP or Accounting system and create personalised notes for your customers.

Better, faster decision making

Ordr's seamless integration with your ERP or Accounting system provides your sales reps with real-time access to crucial customer account information, including contact details, account balances, order history, and account notes. This translates to improved conversions, delighted customers, and expedited service.

Works online and offline

No matter if your sales reps are meeting clients in the field or working remotely, Ordr empowers them to access critical data and place orders confidently. Say goodbye to unreliable internet connections and manual order entry hassles; Ordr's offline capabilities keep your team productive even in low-connectivity areas.

Seamlessly connects to your ERP/Accounts system

The app is integrated with your business systems, creating a competitive advantage through automation, efficiency, accuracy, and consistency across all devices. Your sales reps can work with up-to-date product catalogs, stock levels, customer account information, addresses, and order history.

Sync option

The app updates automatically at various times throughout the day. Additionally, you have the option to manually sync specific areas as needed, including Full Sync, Product Image Sync, Product Sync, Order Sync, and Photos Sync.

Account pricing

Complex and contract pricing is driven by your ERP or accounting system. Your sales reps can view account-specific promotions, customer group discounts, and product category discounts and even override pricing if they have the permission to do so.

Multi-currency support

Do you accept British Pounds, US Dollars, or Euros? Ordr can be configured to handle multiple currencies, allowing your customers to view and place orders in their preferred currency as per their customer account settings.

Payment options

Ordr offers flexibility when it comes to payments, including on-account payments, card payments, and bank transfers. It seamlessly integrates with popular card payment gateways like Stripe, Opayo, WorldPay, and PayPal. Additionally, sales reps have the option to accept orders on account or via BACS.

Product Search

Ordr provides multiple ways to search for products, including using the search box, scanning with your device's camera, or utilising a connected barcode scanner.

Quick order pad

Enables swift addition of items to the cart using Part Numbers and quantities, eliminating the need to browse the catalogue for order placement.

Product order form

Digital order forms automatically tailored to individual customers, replacing traditional printed versions.

Quotations with workflow

Ordr enables sales reps to create draft quotes, submit them to the head office for any amendments and approval, email approved quotes to customers and convert the quotes to orders.

Saved baskets

Streamline frequent orders by preserving carts for future use. This feature offers the flexibility to edit, delete, and reorder from your saved selections.

Order history

Access previous orders, their contents, and status. Additionally, make payments for offline orders and place re-orders at the most recent and accurate prices.

Account payments

Accept card payments to settle any outstanding invoices and bring the account balance to zero.

Works on both Android and iOS

The app is designed to function on both Android and iOS platforms, compatible with mobiles and tablets.

Fully managed and supported

We are committed to continuously updating the app with bug fixes, new features, and upgrades. You and your sales team will have direct access to our support team, ensuring on-the-go technical assistance.

Seamless integration with your ERP and Accounting systems.

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