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At Stack Technologies, we understand the intricacies of a dynamic business environment and the critical need for smooth interoperability between different systems. This understanding forms the bedrock of our solutions, enabling seamless integration with Business Systems. By aligning your business processes with the 'Customer Journey', we empower you to unlock new efficiencies, maintain accuracy, and ensure consistency across all systems and devices, giving you a competitive edge.

Introducing TranSync Direct

TranSync Direct, our cutting-edge integration platform, dismantles the barriers between your internal systems and the systems facing your customers or suppliers. It facilitates the interconnection between multiple systems, enhancing your customer interaction while saving both time and money.

Systems we have integrated with:

Access Dimensions

Access Factory Master


Pegasus Opera

Gold Vision CRM

Salesforce CRM


Sage 200

White House Products (WHP) Case Study

WHP's comprehensive system integration seamlessly synchronises customer data and stock information between Exchequer, the website, and Gold Vision CRM, enhancing efficiency and transparency for sales operations, while automating various processes like sales orders, restock alerts, and customer account creation.

Dibs Distribution Case Study

The integration between Dimensions Cloud and the Payment Portal we developed for Dibs Distribution ensures smooth customer transactions, securely processing over 2,500 payments and managing over £2 million monthly, with seamless data flow in both directions.

Kings Seeds Case Study

Dimensions' integrations streamline order processing, customer data management, and stock information across various platforms, including the Retail E-commerce Website, B2B Sales Order Processing App, and the Commercial Website, enhancing operational efficiency and customer experience.

Discover how Stack Technologies' Systems Integration can drive your business forward, creating a competitive advantage through automation and consistency.