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Features and benefits

With our online B2B commerce platform you can take advantage of having one system to manage inventory and financials as well as helping you expand your sales presence through an integrated ecommerce platform.

Complete real-time 360-degree view of your customer

View and manage customer users, addresses, orders, quotes with role-based dashboards


Engage users everywhere with omnichannel commerce

Reach your customers online, by phone, over email, in person and more


Web based order processing for Sales Order Staff

Select a customer account to work with and place orders on their behalf, provide superior customer service and let your sales staff become one with your customers’ purchasing department.


All product information at your fingertips

View relevant stock items, products in a range, accessories and related products and even products not sold online. Search and place quick orders.


All offers and pricing exactly as your customer sees it

View account pricing, offers, discounts and stock levels exactly as your customer would see.


Customer user account management

Assign account managers, create customer accounts, users and assign permissions


Order carts saved by customer

Red Transact B2B platform allows you and your customers to save carts, edit saved carts and order saved carts saving you and your customers heaps of time. Prices and stock levels are automatically updated


Order directly from quotes created by customer

The quotations module allows your customers to create quotes, edit saved quotes, email quotes directly to their customers and order saved quotes keeping everything in one place and increasing customer loyalty.


Customer address book management

Both your customer users and your SOP staff can manage address books (add, edit or delete) depending on the permissions assigned.


Customer order history view

View past online orders and view order details or view orders placed on all the channels.


Convert abandoned orders

If a user abandons a cart without completing the order your sales team is notified and order saved as abandoned. This allows your staff to convert or provide the necessary support for the customer to amend and complete the order.


Process payments using existing card details

This is a quite useful feature for user not present transactions where your sales team can complete an order without taking the full card details over the phone. It also allows your customers reuse an existing payment card making their lives easier.


Access from any device for sales staff on the go

Red Transact B2B online platform allows your field staff to process orders using their mobiles, tablets or laptops. All you need is an internet connection. They can log in to customers account and see pricing, offers, discounts and stock levels exactly as your customer would see.

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