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23 February 2022

Trophy Distributors Case Study



Founded in Birmingham in 1981 by Arthur Gremson, Trophy Distributors is now the UK's leading trophy distributor, and a worldwide supplier.

After listening to their customers, Trophy decided to upgrade their online sales portal to enable multi-device accessibility, simplify ordering, streamline order processing and improve customer services by adding a whole raft of account services online. It still needed to be easy to manage with a single data source and a flexible content management system.
As explained by Mohsin Sajjad, Trophy Distributor’s’ IT Manager;

“Initially, we wanted to create an integrated website for our customers to be able to place orders and check stock levels online. Our primary goal was to ease our workload and stop having to input each order manually into the ordering system.”

Project Summary

Company:  Trophy Distributors UK Ltd
Industry Sector:  Wholesale & Distribution
Countries Served:  Worldwide
Solution:  B2B integrated e-Commerce
Integration:  Access Dimensions
  • Responsive design
  • Product filters
  • Product ranges
  • Stock availability
  • Contract pricing (APM)
  • Saved baskets
  • Quick order
  • Account registration with Workflow
  • Address book
  • Outstanding items
  • Order history
  • Payment on account
  • Order console
  • Order import pad
  • Good return form
  • CSV stock quatity imports via FTP
  • Content Management System (CMS)
  • Two-way integration with Access Dimensions

With over 4,000 products, over 145 price lists, plus a mix of special offers grouped around either major product groups or customers, the requirement presented three key challenges:

1.Making the catalogue user-friendly – with 4000+ products in around 60 product categories, the challenge was not only to present them in a user-friendly manner but also to encourage online ordering and make it easy to place orders using any device.

2.Integration with Access Dimensions – Automating the data flow between the online sales portal and the accounting software so the key information for sales ledger accounts, buyers, stock and pricing would be accurate and up to date on all systems as well as facilitating automated order downloads to the inhouse accounting software.

3.Make use of Advanced Pricing Matrix (APM) – Applying pricing across a customer and product database using the advance pricing matrix in the accounts package is a complex process. Not only are prices liable to change from deal to deal, there are many other factors to consider: special offers, customer-specific deals, one-offs, price points, and product groups.


Shemal Rajapakse, Stack Technologies Head of Operations UK, explains the chosen solution;

“Getting the information architecture and functional specification right from the outset of the project was the key to the success of this project. That allowed us to present the catalogue in a user-friendly manner with products grouped in to ranges, filters enabling users to refine the long product lists and using mega menus and search for ease of navigation.”

 The responsive interface allows Trophy customers to browse the site and place orders on any device including mobile and tablets. Mohsin goes on to explain;

“The biggest benefit has been the ease of use for customers. The quick order and live stock count functions are particularly useful for them.” 

 Quick order module offers the facility for buyers to enter the stock codes and quantity required directly into a simple form. The system validates and checks the entry before displaying availability, retail price, trade price and line total in a matter of seconds before allowing the user to add any number of lines to the cart without having to browse through the catalogue.
The site is built on the Kentico Content Management System and is integrated with Access Dimensions using the TranSync integration connector, automating data uploads (account pricing, stock availability, customer details) and order downloads.


The goal was to encourage customers to use the online sales platform and facilitate self-service. By moving all aspects of order processing and account services online, the new sales portal is ‘the’ sales channel for Trophy customers.

Integration with Access Dimensions has made it possible for customers to login to their online account to see their own personalised pricing, account specific discounts and up to date stock information. They can also manage buyers, view order history, and outstanding orders.

As a result, Trophy saw a 16% year on year growth in online revenue in the first year and continue to see growth of between 10-20% annually.
Mohsin summarises the project by saying; “Most of our customers are shop owners and not up to speed with technology so we needed a website solution that was easy for them to navigate. We also wanted a modern look and feel. 

“Stack Technologies provided us with perfect solution, a website platform fully synced with our database. Customers can check live stock counts, place orders via quick order or upload orders via Excel or csv format. 
“On top of that we get top notch support and service from the team at Stack Technologies. I would definitely recommend them to anyone looking for an integrated online solution.”


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