Our ride hailing and delivery fulfilment platform enables local taxi firms to compete successfully with multi-nationals such as Uber.

System Background

As a service tripmo has tested its platform by operating in Colombo District with over 2600 three-wheelers and over 400 four wheelers (cars/vans) for almost 2 years, satisfying over 1000 daily rides in Colombo alone in addition to over 3,000 daily ride requests with a customer base of over 32,000 through app downloads.

Tripmo being younger than its competitors with an established foothold in the market outshines the existing services in both rate/fair wise and technology wise. Tripmo is the first in Asia to introduce the Facebook Messenger bot technology to allow people to hail a vehicle wherever or whenever the customer maybe.


Respective features shall be provided upon request. The platform has been divided into 3 closely knitted parts.

Admin Panel

Used by the service Providing company(s)

Driver Application

Mobile application for the drivers who are willing to join the service with its own set of features

Passenger Application

Mobile Application for both android and iOS for commuters and travellers.